Half marathon done!  I had an absolute blast doing it, and it honestly wasn't as hard as I was expecting.  I finished in 2 hours and 31 minutes for an average of 5.2 mph or 11.5 minutes/mile. 


I ran without walking until the 9 mile marker and started feeling fatigue and my quads were cramping.  Up until that point I was on pace for a 10.5 min/mile.   I walked a bit, but only when absolutely necessary until the end.  The wind was crazy strong, so I'm surprised at my time.  YAY!  I did it!


Bonus!  Dan from the biggest loser (season 5) was there to cheer us on!  (Thats him in the pic with me).  

I have such a goofy face because he was confused when I wanted a pic with our hands up, and I said, "you know, like F*CK YEAH!"  LOL just slipped out of my mouth and I was a bit embarrased.   But it made for a good pic I guess.   :-)


Afterwards I celebrated with my favorite junk food:  buffalo wings AND nachos.    num num num.   I wish I could take a nap now, but I gotta study!