Cristal M.

To Look good & Feel good!

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Apples

Favorite Sinful Food: Cake

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Treadmill or walking outdoors

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eating healthy & exercise

My Weight Loss Program: Increasing my activity to 5 x per week for atleast 1 hour per day. Target my larger muscle groups with hopes to speed up my metabolism.

My Diet Plan: Trying to eat around 1200 calories per day, more if my activity level proves I need the fuel. I plan to track with MyFitnesspal.

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $140.06

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This feeling I have...
by - 10/29/2014 7:12AM

I DID IT!!   I hit my 4% weight loss Goal in 3 weeks & 2 days!  I am so excited!! This is my ver... Read More ›

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Woo! Congrats!

no name

Congrats Cristal, I've got 1.4 to go and I will get this, I've yet to lose a DB and it sure won't be on this one. DietBet is the best motivation to me for losing wt, it sure has helped me, plus all the support and new friends, I've got 11 lbs to my goal wt and am down -35 and am so thankful for dietbets....keep up your good work and again congratulations....
77% & 100%
by - 10/20/2014 1:32PM

Currently I am participating in two games, Jillian's beginner shred challenge & The transformer ... Read More ›

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Karen U.

I am new to dietbet and also feel if it is the money that motivates me then I am all for that.


I'm also in those 2 games and I just hit 100% for Jillian's this morning. The weight is coming off very fast for me with calorie counting and plenty of walking and cycling. It's getting a bit cold for cycling, but I can still walk. I'm also in the Transformer that starts tomorrow and I will join the next transformer to do 3 at a time if it doesn't overlap Jillian's too much. As long as the weight comes off easy, I'm making easy money. have a long way to go before I'm close to my goal weight (180lbs GW, currently 240lbs) so I'm going to ride the dietbet train as far as it will take me, and I'm going to need the money to buy new clothes. I'm shocked at how much I already save by avoiding the snacks I loved so much. I'm addicted to dieting now which is really weird for me to say, lol.
by - 10/15/2014 11:28AM

As I look around this room I see temptation, from the McDonald's that was bought for my children fro... Read More ›

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I can relate so much. Temptation at work has been ridiculous. Every day someone brings in fresh bagels. Then the patients bring in cookie assortment, patients make homemade apple bars, the doctor puts a huge bag of pretzels he brought from home and the worst is this one patient brings a delicious chocolate cake every time she comes in which has been about every other week lately. It is so hard, I really have a hard time! I stay out of the back room but I still know it's there lol.


Cristal, have you thought about bringing your family along for the ride? My family has one cheat day, otherwise dessert is fruit, no junk/processed food, ect. Thank God my husband is on bored, I'm really lucky that he's building muscle right now.
2 lbs
by - 10/09/2014 5:18PM

 I lost 2 lbs in ONE day, yeah I know I have been there before, it just falls off the first week and... Read More ›

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Nurse Megs

WHOOO HOOO! Way to go Cristal!!! 2 lbs is great!!


Great Job Cristal! I am doing a weight check on the 14th but I have been using a kettlebell workout program and I'm going to start using the treadmill (which makes me angry to think about) Great work though! =)
Be honest with yourself
by - 10/08/2014 4:37PM

How is everyone?  I am happy to report that I am down 2.8 lbs in just 2 days.  I am using MyFitnessP... Read More ›

no name

congrats Crystal, honesty is always the best, I write down every bite also, right now I'm figuring out all my nutrition #'s for a spaghetti squash with leftover veggies and diced up multi colored cherry tomatoes dish I've got sautéing, that's my most difficult thing, but I usually get it close....keep up the good work, you'll meet your goal way ahead of final weigh in...that's m goal, to get my 4% early since I'll be in Hi for a wk....have a good evening....

Lindsay Y

Congrats on the loss!
Day 1
by - 10/07/2014 10:19AM

Hi Guys!  I got on that scale this morning and I lost 1.8 lbs in ONE day!  I am stoked!!  This is my... Read More ›

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WAY TO GO ROCKSTAR! I totally hear ya I am exactly the same way. To know better is to do better....keep up the good work...!!! :)
Weigh In day
by - 10/06/2014 6:00AM

WOW!  Glad that is over, looking at those photos made me realize how much I need this!!  I am thankf... Read More ›

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LOOOOVE IT! For sure girl....back on the horse, life change! Theres no will rock this...HANDS IN!! YOU GO GIRL!!

no name

hi Cristal, what a great blog, love it and am so with you on's already begun for me, two dietbets ago, it's changing my life, the wt/loss is so amazing and I feel like a different person in 3 short month...I'm right along side of you to wish and everyone on here the best success... have a super fine day today Cristal...
Making my 30's count!
by - 09/25/2014 6:32PM

Honestly,  I have struggled with my weight since I have become an adult, as a child I was always on ... Read More ›

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Connie G.

I'm nearing the end of my 30s quickly and want to head into my 40s in the best shape ever. We can so do this. Excited to share this journey with so many wonderful people!


This is very motivating and I can totally relate! Life is an amazing adventure and I want to embrace it 110% while I can! Goodluck!