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Sarah's Summer Slim Down

Lose 4% in 4 weeks!

Sarah's Summer Slim Down

Apr 25 - May 22/Game has ended
Hosted by SarahFit







Apr 25





This game was timed to end the Wed before Memorial Day! Get bikini ready!



Game Begins

Apr 25

Last Day to Join

May 08

Final Weigh-In

May 23 - May 24


Bet $35

to start

Lose 4%

in 4 weeks


Split the pot

How do you verify the weight loss?

For all official weigh-ins, you'll be prompted to submit your official starting weight. Our standard weigh-in process involves you submitting 2 photos: one of you standing on a scale in lightweight clothing (no shoes, hats, belts, watches, coats, or outerwear), and another of the scale’s readout with your weigh-in word written on a piece of paper.

What you'll need

  • A scale (preferably digital)
  • A digital camera or smartphone
  • A full-length mirror or someone to take your photo
  1. Privacy FAQ +
  2. How we prevent cheating +

Does this actually work?

Out of 745,509 DietBetters, 93.76% have lost weight during their challenges. Combined, they've lost 11,405,130 lbs and won $62,257,011. In other words...yes.

All results shown on DietBet are from actual users. Individual results may vary.

Don't take our word for it

K n.

05/29/2013 6:04PM - via iPhone
Yes I trust dietbet.

Jennifer C.

05/27/2013 6:48PM - via iPhone
Did all the winners win the same amount?
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me too.


Yes! Everyone is paid the same amount :)


05/26/2013 12:00AM
Have ideas on how to improve DietBet? We love to hear your feedback. Please fill out our short survey and give it to us straight. We are listening!

Rachel Q.

05/25/2013 11:23AM - via iPhone
While it would've been awesome to win more money...I am so thrilled to see that so many were able to meet their goals! What an amazing group of 'losers'!

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05/25/2013 7:23AM
Congrats to everyone for their progress leading up to Memorial Day weekend! Let's enjoy ourselves with our friends and family, honor the men and women who have served our country, and remember all the hard work it took to get to where we are! I already spent some of my winnings on a local food drive (got $60 of groceries I'd be willing to eat myself on this diet for $30 thanks to coupons and sales)! How will you spend your winnings? :)

Tamara K.

05/25/2013 7:18AM
Hmmm... although I am thrilled to have won, I guess I was under the impression that I would at least double my investment?! But I suppose $22.11 is better than nothing.
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Tamara K.

I think they take 15-20%!

Heather C.

Shizzer, you are almost right. I didn't think it was so high. http://support.dietbet.com/knowledgebase/articles/106448-how-does-dietbet-make-money-

Lori H.

05/25/2013 6:27AM
Congrats, everyone!!


05/25/2013 6:17AM - via iPhone
What shall I do with my money ? Any good games I can join ??? Gotta lose 22 lbs before my bday is September !!

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05/25/2013 6:05AM
Your game has now been finalized. Congratulations to the winners! You will be notified by email if you are a winner and the $57.11 will be deposited as credits into your account. They can be used for a new game or you can request a PayPal payout. Payouts process within 24 hours.

As promised, here are the top player titles. Drum roll, please…

- Most Liked Player: Richard D.
- Most Generous Liker: PDXKevin
- Most Liked Comment: "This is my 7th Dietbet and it's so funny how predictable all of the people squealing about the early weight-losers. It happens every time. People- try to remember three key things-- 1) Those daily weigh ins aren't official. Don't worry about them. 2) Some people can lose several lbs in a few days just by changing diet. It's water weight-it comes off fast. It doesn't mean they're cheating. And 3)

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K n.

05/24/2013 4:00PM - via iPhone
I hope so Tamara. I need to get my 5th game added and this one needs to close out first.

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