“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” -Toni Morrison

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Favorite Health Food: Fruits & veggies, Greek yogurt, salads

Favorite Sinful Food: Cheese & crackers

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Shopping

My Approach to Weight Loss: Calories in, calories out

DietBet Winnings: $510.16

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Fifteen minutes of freewriting
by - 03/11/2015 12:51PM

Fifteen minutes of dietbet freewritingToday I'm struggling with the idea of self esteem, which accor... Read More ›

Biking Syl

I never understood the whole 'forgiving' thing. I figured, how can I forgive someone who did something so bad when I read about people who said that they did forgive. Later, I realized that as long as I have negative feelings toward someone, this negativity is weighing ME down. The other person probably does not even care. I need to focus on positive things for myself instead. So the way I take it, it is all about standing up for yourself, setting boundaries, going toward goals which are healthy for YOU. Then focus on your own life and create a positive environment for yourself and those you love. If someone chooses a destructive path, accept their decision, if they won't allow anyone to help them. But let them go, don't hold a grudge, which only weighs on you. Forgiving is about YOU, not about the other person. At least that was my conclusion, maybe it will work for you, too. Best of luck for your journey, you can do this!!
Sailing in a sea of self reflection (and detailed South Beach updates)
by - 01/20/2015 6:48AM

Well, it's been interesting, I guess, what I've been doing. Last Monday, 1/12, I officially started ... Read More ›

Becca P.

I was always jelly of your waist!! Squats & lunges gf.. make them your bestie! They suck, but it works! legs take along time to slim down.. you'll get there!Lol sf jello... sounds like matt & I most nights... I'll even put sprinkles on it to feel special! Bread Oh glorious bread... that is a hard thing to quit. I never eat or buy it any more. It doesn't even exist to me unless it's on a table in a restaurant.. I'm going to have to fight not to eat it today at olive garden. But you eventually won't even think about those carbs after a month! Good job on not biting your nails!! ????Keep fighting hard every day! You can do this! I'm happy that you Love your trainer! God they are life savers! I can't believe how strong I'm getting just in the past 3 months of working with mine!!! Lol I have hawk eyes & jealous haters looking at me right now... but idc! I Love myself and my hard working accomplishments! ???? stay strong gf! It will happen... ask.. believe... recieve!!


You are amazing and doing so well. I've been struggling. Maybe its Mom. Maybe its Dad. Maybe its winter. Maybe its lots of things. Doesn't matter. I've been eating things that I would usually not, and its causing problems. I've actually gained weight this Diet Bet and its going to take a massive push to make the Double-down...if it's possible at all. Doesn't matter. I'm back to smoothies and big kale salads and lots of water. Sort of a P1 with fruit. I'm hoping that I have a good 5+lbs of water weight in me from eating junk, otherwise you bitches are taking all my money this time. For the first time.Okay, I'm not letting you have my money. I'll go all smoothies before that happens.
by - 01/03/2015 10:57AM

Last night I found myself bored/tired/lonely on the couch, as I do many nights. And I had a giant pi... Read More ›

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Jessica P.

Kerry, you can definitely do this!! I wonder if you could find a therapist who specializes in emotional eating. There are a couple of different schools of thought both of which I've seen echoes of in your blog posts. There's something called CBT for emotional eating which aims to help you change those impulse thoughts. I have similar eating patterns to you, and it's something I'm looking into for me as well. Anyway feel free also to totally disregard this suggestion! :)

Laura R.

I feel ya girl. I see a therapist for my anxiety/depression disorder, and it has helped immensely. But there's just something about the winter that makes me want to stuff my face full of food late at night. Keep going strong. We are here fighting with you. That chocolate frog was just a bump in the road. At least it's gone now. One meal at a time girl! :)
Still here.
by - 01/01/2015 11:37AM

My head is swimming with possibilities right now, and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. It's 1/1. Ha... Read More ›

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Wow! I felt I was reading about myself. Great evaluation and it sounds you have a great plan. You can do it!!! Happy 2015!!!

Biking Syl

Looks like you are about to figure this out! Awesome! And about the salad for lunch: on a cold day, you can replace it with a homemade soup of mixed frozen veggies (buy without seasoning), any type of protein (diced leftover meat or hard boiled eggs), plus maybe chickpeas or beans as a quality carb. Add your own spices (preferably no salt), so you can have a different flavor every day. When I don't feel inspired to do my own, I use Mrs Dash spice mixes because they don't contain salt. Enjoy!
by - 11/05/2014 12:53PM

OMG WTF So I'll be going for a couple weeks and doing pretty well. Then I'll drop off for a couple w... Read More ›

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Becca P.

Stop biting those nails lady!! I always know when your stressed by looking at your hands! hope things get better for you... it already is... your going back to Paris !! Your going to Love it there in the spring! Matt & I are planning to go back sometime next year as well!! :)

Jen M.

Beautiful and raw and real. You're going to get there!
DietBet, we meet again
by - 10/22/2014 8:25AM

My DietBet Conundrum.  I've done a handful of these things, and sometimes I win and sometimes I don'... Read More ›

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I have done two of the 6 month bets...never won any of the prizes, but did lose the 10%. I agree that it is very difficult to stay motivated and focused for the Transformer Bets. I much prefer the fast energy of the 28 Day bets. I am within 15- 20 lbs of my goal so doing a 6 month bet would really drag it out too much, I enjoyed reading your blog entry and your honesty. It is really refreshing. I started at 219.8 took over a year to get down to the low 140's...but keep jumping up into the 150's after every Diet Bet ends so I feel you and understand you. It is certainly frustrating. The important thing though is to just keep going and keep your spirits high. That's why I write weight loss motivations every day. I post them in my Diet Bets, but they are really for me to keep me focused. Enjoy the concert...I saw Fleetwood Mac ages ago when I was a teenager. Good luck to you!

Jessica P.

Kerry, thanks for sharing this! I feel like I got to know you well in a few words. Man, I have felt SO MANY of these things. I wish I weren't familiar with that horrible moment when the scale is many pounds heavier than where you swore you would never ever be again on the way down the last time. I'm there now, too, still 10 pounds over where I "would never be again," and this is after losing 15. I mean, damn, that really sucks. But you know, my life is not the same as it was that last time, and I bet yours isn't either. I'll trade some weight gain for the greatness that's happened in my life since. Also, you're gorgeous. As a stranger on the internet, I'm telling you that you're gorgeous. I know that it's not really the point and all that.... but in the moments when you're feeling like crap, maybe think about the people who think you're awesome, and funny, and sweet, and gorgeous! :) Hang in there. Tomorrow could look totally different.
accidental emergency
by - 09/30/2014 11:26AM

I answered the main phone line earlier today, and the caller ID said "Novi Police Department." That'... Read More ›


I lost my shit on my 4th period today. I got in a yelling match with four 12 year old boys in right after lunch. I mean, really. That's terrible all the way around. Sometimes you get the day...and sometimes the day gets you. I think we tend to win more often because we are awesome. xoxo


Good for you! Get it out there, it's ok. No one can be perfect all the time. You are human and shit happens. It's just a speed bump though, you'll pick back up and keep chugging away. You will have lots more before you get to your goal too. But you keep trying, and that's what makes you great. ;) *hugs*
When shit does not go according to plan
by - 08/21/2014 9:17AM

Hey guys. I hope it's ok. I need to talk about weight loss. I'm scared to go to my weigh in today. I... Read More ›

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I lost .2 pounds. I do not suck.

Miss Nichols

Hang in there kerry..I'm glad you didn't give did the right thing by hoping right back on board..your sound like a fighter..keep going..all in all the main goal is to lose weight and have a happy healthy lifestyle :-)
15 Minutes of Diet Bet Freewriting
by - 08/11/2014 12:56PM

Fifteen minutes of writing freely. Today is the second day, officially, of my Girls of Gwynnie Bee D... Read More ›

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You rock ALL THE THINGS! :)


Love your plan! I've been drinking an occasional glass of wine in the evening. I track it on mfp and I'm still within my calorie limits. The key word here is glass, not bottle lol. I love me some wine but I am drinking only 5 ounces of it at a time. since Friday I have had 2 glasses of wine. It truly is a great way to relax at the end of the day.
by - 08/05/2014 6:57AM

This thing has blogging now. I'll be damned. Hi guys! I'm Kerry. I have some weight I'd like to lose... Read More ›

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Erin Kelly

You sound just like me! I have "won" the shorter diet bets I joined, but the 6 month bet? I was up like 15 pounds into the 2nd month and then just stopped weighing myself. Whoops. What a waste of $125! I am strict orders from my GP to get down 20 pounds (ideally - i'd like to get down like 60!) but I'll start with the 20 and go from there!


I'm in the yo-yo myself. But I used to be in the bigger, BIGGER, B-I-G-G-E-R game, so I try to see this as improvement. And even though I haven't kept ALL the weight I lost off, I have kept the majority of my big losses off. And I feel like I'm learning things about myself about what works and what doesn't...and who I am...and what I need...and my ability to advocate for myself. All of that stuff is really valuable. I'm looking at this time as the kickstart for the next big run. I feel really motivated to lose a lot again. We are in a terrific situation to really support each other.