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10/03/2021 9:16AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
I unfortunately won't be moving to the final round, but I've learned a lot these past months. On to the next challenge, but two great reads I recommend is Healthy AF by Oonagh Duncan, and a book I just started...Atomic Habits by James Clear. Both offer new ways to approach this difficult process.

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LOVE Atomic Habits!


I like your positivity, and grateful for all your motivational posts. Keep going. We're still rooting for you

David G.

09/27/2021 8:56AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Fractured my heal and sprained my ankle this weekend. My final push is going to have to be food focused. Hoping everyone else is hitting their goals and avoiding injury

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Omg what happened ???
That wasn't easy to do..
Hang in there and Don't eat your feelingd dude

Kara A.

Ouch!!! Hang in there!


09/24/2021 10:57AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Ran some extra distance this morning and shot for a sub 37 minute 5k with weight added and elevation changes. Got it done then did some stretching! Everything has been going well, I am happy with progress but man I can’t wait to lose another 50! Also soccer starts next Friday! Yay

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@karin yes mam that was me in November 2009. That pic came from a cruise that started this whole journey! I was miserable that whole cruise weighing around 450 pounds I had no confidence and was depressed. My whole life changed after that

Lani T.

What an inspiration! I really admire your commitment to health and good habits. I hope you stop from time to time to marvel at how far you've come and pat yourself on the back

marie p.

09/06/2021 8:42AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
I feel like I’m stuck. I’m trying to get the motivation back and break through this plateau. I keep fluctuating the same few pounds. I’m trying to up my water and switch up workouts. But I’m still disheartened.

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Karin V.

For me, it's always the exact tracking of every little bite I'm eating, that helps me breaking a little or a bigger plateau. The plateau won't last for a longer period, when your intake is much lower than your need of energy. Control is the miracle word. And no cheating. Not a single bite.
I know, that's not fun. But you'll have fu , when you succeed :-)
Good luck for you!

Lani T.

Have you tried weighing your food? Sometimes we can really underestimate how much we are eating, especially the calorie dense foods (I'm looking at you, peanut butter!).

Also, depending on your personality type, constant deprivation leads to mini binges and self sabotage which derail our progress. Consider incorporating regular treats into your diet that still stay within your calorie budget. This changed everything for me. I no longer have days where I eat whatever I want because I "cheated" in the morning and now the day us ruined so I should make it worthwhile and eat all the things before going back on my ultra restrictive food plan tomorrow. Now I look forward to the tasty treat I have already planned and can eat without guilt or shame.


09/05/2021 10:23AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
hi Does anyone know what the rules rae for weighing in on round 5 do you have to be a certain weight to move on to rd six? Thank you

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Kyle G.

You need to have hit 6% to move to round 6

Lani T.

At the top of each game there is a bar that lists the rounds and if you tap on "all" you can see your goal for each round. To win round 5 you need to have lost 10% but to move on to round 6 you need to have lost just 6%. Round 6 is where it really counts...its possible to lose all rounds except 6 and still have won more money that you paid to play.


08/31/2021 5:07AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Ugh! Things are not going as planned. ???????
    My intermittent fasting over the weekend turned into a devouring of a LOT of peanut butter and crackers as soon as the fasting ended on both days. Also lots of cashews. Scale went up 3.5 lbs.
    I did make a super nutritious vegetable bean mixture for burrito lunches this week.

    Wishing everyone lots of determination to keep striving for your goals💛

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Lani T.

Not sure if this is relevant for you but I was listening to a podcast last night and the Dr. was saying that for those who have a tendency to snack or binge at night, IF with a nighttime eating window might not work well for them. Opening up the eating window after a prolonged restriction right at the time when you are naturally most vulnerable tends to lead to making poorer choices. I am this person and IF has usually led to overeating and bad choices in the evenings. I think I'd probably do better with a morning eating window.

Nicole B.

Looks good!

Kavita A

08/30/2021 7:10AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Took up some boxing and kickboxing classes a couple of weeks ago. Trying to hit it hard these last couple months. And this is what a 1-hour kickboxing class did to me yesterday. I felt like I was gonna puke afterwards.

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That is killer! I know kick boxing would kill me! Haha

Lani T.

Wow! High max and high average heart rate for an hour long workout...you were working hard!!

christine d.

08/27/2021 9:25AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Okay y’all hopefully inspirational post from me. Went on vacation for a week and a wedding came back 8 pounds heavier! (Also started my period but as you know that doesn’t make you gain 8 pounds maybe up to 4) Said wow there is no freaking way I am making this round- but decided vacation was worth it but so am I so I’m going to try and if I don’t make it fine I’ll make next round. Jumped right back into my diet and excercise program and woke up today less than a pound from goal..... I may actually make it. I do have 3 outtings this week but if I turn down alcohol and behave my self at least a little I think I can do this! So happy with my progress and I do believe weight comes off faster when it’s “fresh”. Any never give up even when it seems like the hurdle is far to big cause it probably is not.

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christine d.

Day 3…. Lol bbq cheeseburger and fries but only got a water. So overall I would say this weekend was a success l! Overate a little but not terrible still should be able to make weigh in. Hiked this morning and will likely work out tonight

Lani T.

Getting right back into your habits after a vacation (or any disruption) is a hugely important skill to have, and one I struggle with. Congrats on getting back into your program so quickly and good luck with the last pound!


08/16/2021 2:57PM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Planned treat days! I was going to write cheat but then thought, "No, we have to stop giving food a shameful or negative tags" I try to carb cycle. Graph below is net carbs. Mostly low carb, with a few carbs for heavily active days. I bought a huge box of my all time favorite sweet (Moonpies!!) And it stayed closed until today, when I worked it into my calorie intake and planned for it. 300 calories of veggies and protein would certainly have been a better fuel..but that's what the rest of the week is for! Til next week...Moonpie box!

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Lani T.

Nice! Let us know how planning and integrating regular treats into your eating plan goes over these last few months of the game. I'll be really curious to hear how it works for you. I started this out with one planned treat per week and then moved to twice a week.


What app are you using to track the carbs?


08/10/2021 7:34PM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • 3 months carnivore today! I am enjoying this lifestyle on every level, feeling great! Hope y’all are having a great day!

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Lani T.

Congrats on your successes!


You rock!
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