Lisa Rush

reduce risk of getting diabetes and to fit in my clothes better

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: super dark chocolate

Favorite Sinful Food: pizza

My Preferred Method of Exercise: running

My Approach to Weight Loss: intermittent fasting and calorie counting

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, Garmin Connect

Fitness Devices: Garmin Forerunner

DietBet Winnings: $209.95

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TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
Unofficial Weigh-InVerified Weigh-InDietBet Runner-UpDietBet WinnerRound WinnerRound Runner-Up
-1.5% Since last weigh-in-2 lbs
-1.5% 1-Month Change-2 lbs
-8.1% Lifetime Change-11.2 lbs

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Lisa Rush

10/12/2020 6:01AM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • Yeah. It was a tight one due to visit from Aunt Flo.

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Jennifer P.

Haha! Oh my gosh-she would ruin everything for me!!

Lisa Rush

09/30/2020 8:18AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
I made it by the .1 lb. Whew that was close. Just waiting for them to approve.

Adee , Shrouk H. and like this comment.

Rachel G.

Me too!! I was freaking out last night but barely pulled it off this morning. Congrats! A win is a win! :100:

Danika W.

09/30/2020 6:39AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
Still lost 0 in this game. Uggghhh.

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I'm glad you're still here! Keep working on it and remember why you want to do this! We support you!

Elizabeth M.

Ooommmmmmgggggg that must be so frustrating


09/11/2020 8:47AM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
Any suggestions on exercise I can do while sprained ankle is healing?

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Tracey B.

I went to physio for mine and they gave me a lot of safe strengthening exercises.

And truthfully I would focus more on nutrition right now.

Milly W. My husband used to take FOREVER to have his ankles heal after sprains. This video was a total game changer. Turns out his bone was slipping out of joint and it wasn’t “just” a sprain.

Angie B.

09/10/2020 4:18PM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
I'm a bit confused... how does this actually work? Is there a meal plan we follow?

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Nann S.

Just eat healthier and do what you can to lose a bit of weight each week!! And we all keep each other accountable!!!

Angie B.

Thank you ladies! You're awesome and WE GOT THIS!

Lisa Rush

09/09/2020 10:55AM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
Won 3 diet bets and rounds 1 & 2 for transformer. This is getting harder.

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britt d.

what a great place to be! looking forward to being there in a couple months!

Diane H.

09/07/2020 2:37PM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
Is there anyway to resubmit another weigh in photo if I lose that 1/10 of a pound? Maybe tomorrow morning?

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Lisa Rush

On computer browser at top it says:
"Hold tight. The official results are being finalized...
Initial Weigh-in: XXX.X lbs Final Weigh-In: XXX lbs (Cancel & Re-submit?)"


And you have til MN PST tomorrow

Lisa Rush

09/07/2020 2:36PM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
  • 6 hours to verify but....

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Lisa M.

09/07/2020 8:55AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
Anyone know the average time it's taking this morning for them to approve our weigh-ins? I am hungry, but I only made my goal by 0.2 lb so I don't dare eat until I know it's been accepted.

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It was 3-4 hours for me

Lisa Rush

5 hours and still waiting

Lisa Rush

09/03/2020 6:03PM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
Hit my Kickstarter goal weigh in is on Monday - Tuesday. I have 1/2 lb to lose for round 3.

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Kelsey B.

Me too! But so I don’t plateau I am trying to reach my round 4 for this one!!
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