To be fit, happy and healthy in my own skin for the first time in my life- cause who DOESN'T want that?

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: All foods that fuel my body, but eggs.

Favorite Sinful Food: No food is sinful!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: running/hiking/biking/barnyard crossfit

My Approach to Weight Loss: It will happen naturally as I correct my unhealthy relationship with food

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Mostly veg

Fitness/Exercise Apps: RunKeeper, Map My Fitness, MyFitnessPal, FitBit

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $110.85

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Rude Awakenings and a bit over-sharing (LONG post)
by - 03/26/2015 2:17PM

Last week I had the most uncomfortable day of my life. It was just a regular work day, I had a full ... Read More ›

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Stephanie R.

Thanks for sharing your story. Feel good about your honesty and the progress you are making!
My inspiration
by - 11/22/2014 1:13AM

I want to be a runner. I want to love it.I want to love it more than pad thai. I want going for a ru... Read More ›

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That's super cool! You can do it, running is all about consistency and baby steps. Xxoxo


That is such an awesome story. It's okay to not like running. I never did. My family wasn't the running type when I was a kid. I remember going for a 1 mile "run" at about 16 and hating every minute of it. I thought it was so strange, I have never experienced such negative feelings towards something before. At 20 I signed up for a one mile race (I hadn't run at all since 16). It was hard, and I hated it, but I wasn't the last person across the finish line so that was cool. At 23 I decided I wanted to run a half marathon; partly for the challenge but mostly because I, like you, wanted to like running. I still didn't. I dreaded going for my runs, but started realizing that when I was done I felt good. WHAT?!? was my plan working? Fast forward 5 years: I have done 3 half marathons and 3 tough mudders. Now I am training for my first full marathon. Do I like running? Yes. It has taken many years and many miles, but I enjoy running now. Keep at it, you might too. :-)
My struggle
by - 11/22/2014 12:23AM

I am a food addict. i have attended Overeaters anonymous but I live an hours drive from the nearest ... Read More ›

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Rhonda C.

I want to reach out and give you a hug. I have experienced everything you shared, well not Tibet exactly, but similar. I have been a 12 stepper since 1987, and have lost and regained 75 pounds multiple times. My highest measured weight was 300 pounds. Today I weigh 175 and have maintained for a year. I still want to lose another 20 pounds so that I can get the word obese off of my medical records. It has taken me a lifetime to get to where I am today, I turn 60 next week. My prayer for you is that you will "get it" far earlier than I did. And my encouragement to you is that it is never too late to change your life, it is possible for you, and it is not failure when it is difficult, hard, we mess up, or back slide. Never give up on yourself. Love and prayers ~ Rhonda

Amanda B.

I see this is an older post, but it just really resonated with me. Are you feeling any better about things?