Fitness After 40

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05/29/2018 6:24AM
Does anyone notice how much more difficult it is to keep off weight in their 40's? I know Jillian Michaels would say I need to be consistent, but then when I reached 40's it seems as though being fit is not my number one goal anymore. I do want to be healthy, but I don't want to kill myself over it. At this age I just want to enjoy life! But, the scale does not lie, and I know I better get a hold of this before I end up weighing more. Good Luck everyone!

Karen B.

05/21/2018 8:16AM
Hi everyone! I'm new to DietBet and hoping I realize my accountability this time in my weight loss journey. I have gained over thirty pounds in the past two years and I don't feel like myself anymore. I would love to get healthy for myself and my family! I just joined a kickstarter- hoping to lose 8 pounds by June 17th!!!

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Natalia B.

09/14/2017 3:11PM
Hello Everyone!! I look forward to "meeting" you all. I just heard about DB a couple of days ago and liked the idea so much that I started my own Shake It Till You Make It challenge because I'm an organizer at heart. :) Sending everyone positive vibes that we'll all meet our health goals in all of the challenges we take! It's nice to be part of a group of 40+ folks!


09/05/2017 1:03PM
Wow I had 19 out if 23 participants in my crew hit their 4% goal. Come join our next round called Weapons Of A$$ Reduction! Copy and paste link only $20 for a fun supportive group with prizes along the challenge!


08/02/2017 5:14AM
This challenge is a great way to start kicking those stubborn pounds! Come join Haste Grows Your Waist to lose 4% with positive support and prizes!

Laura B.

07/04/2017 7:58AM
Hello! I lost my last Diet Bet. I feel it was because I never really connected, and really didn't get any motivation from here. I'm hoping that joining a group will help this time. I'm 49 and I need to lose about 50-70 lbs. (and have for over 20 years). I'm joining a kickstarter soon,..Fit Healthy Life. Going to work to have a successful 4 weeks!

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I'm 47 and 1st time on here. Looking forward to a successful outcome. Let's all cheer each other on! :)

Kevin S.

06/19/2017 4:30PM
About to turn 43 and joined DietBet for Kris Gethin's 4 week challenge. I have been transforming over the past 5 years but started to get bored with the routine. I'm very competitive & data driven -- and hoping this will jumpstart my progress again. Time to get serious about nutrition and cardio -- in addition to weights.

I'm a happily married father of four in Atlanta, GA. I have found that fitness leads to an overall better life... better husband, father, employee, friend, etc. Plus the *good size* helps keep the boys away from my teenage daughters. :-)

Looking forward to providing/receiving support through this journey!


04/26/2017 1:21PM
I just turned 40 last week. :-) And I have some weight I'd love to get rid of...along with some bad habits. Just looking for motivation, support, and new friends as I re-embark on this journey!

I am married and we have two little boys. I am really looking to this new decade in my life...and looking to be as healthy in it as possible! Hi everyone!

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Nicola W.

Hey Jennifer, are you signed up for a DietBet? I just submitted my weight for Autumn's challenge! I am 43 and started my 40's my healthiest I had been... now I am battling back after Rotator Cuff surgery! Determined to get back to where I was!


03/08/2017 1:16PM
Hi, I just joined the group, I'm 48 and I have I have two kids and I had a c-section , so my abdominal muscle are a little weak but I know I can with hard work I can get the healthy body I've always wanted

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Tammy T.

01/24/2017 11:33AM
Greetings all,
I just joined the group. I'm 43 and just recently had a total hysterectomy. I was having a difficult time losing weight until I started my first DietBet and started using Sparkpeople again. I'm doing good! I met my goal for this game, and plan to do more in the future. :)

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