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Favorite Health Food: cherry tomatoes and sweetpeas

Favorite Sinful Food: CHOCOLATE

My Preferred Method of Exercise: bicycling, dancing and gym alternating

My Approach to Weight Loss: "I know I can, I know I can..." chochooo

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

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Beeing bipolar,- a personal definition
by - 03/05/2016 6:18AM

Sometimes it's really fun to be bipolar, most times I am fairly normal, and sometimes the depression... Read More ›

A bad day, motivation struggles
by - 02/24/2016 2:06PM

I am having a crappy day.  I am coughing and wheezing, my head hurts,- most likely from high blood p... Read More ›

All or nothing?
by - 02/22/2016 12:08AM

I have a tendency to have these all or nothing ideas.  When I want to change my lifestyle, I want to... Read More ›

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Kate L.

Honestly people who are obsessive about eating super healthy all the time may be bordering on disordered eating. It is OK to have some "unhealthy" things sometimes. Nothing is truly unhealthy if you only eat it on occasion! It's only when the unhealthy things become the majority of what you eat that they are really that bad for you. Are you FEELING healthier and losing weight? Then what you are doing is healthy. I say prove 'em wrong. Ignore when they try to shame you for not following THEIR plan, and in the end when you've made your goals you'll have proven them their plan isn't the only one that works. You don't have to deprive yourself to be healthy.


All or nothing attitude carried me all the way to 338 pounds. It wasn't even other people's expectations that got to me - just my own very messed up brain, but I am slowly letting go and what do you know I lost some weight without being perfect. I didn't even use a food scale (the horror!) :) It gives me hope to see you overcoming this struggle. Thank you for sharing!
by - 02/18/2016 3:19PM

I am usually quite confident.  I know I am not stupid, and I do have a few years of bumpy road behin... Read More ›

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Wow, Linda, what a POWERFUL essay!!!!! I could NOT agree with you more!!! I was once 103 pounds overweight. How one is treated at different weights is a HUGE issue.... I once saw an interview of some famous man who was a rock star and was addicted to drugs. He got off his addiction to drugs and gained weight. He commented that being addicted to drugs, everyone treated him great, but being overweight, he was judged and treated poorly, because EVERYONE could see it.... I, too, think it's beyond interesting that, when someone's overweight, we just know that somehow they got there, but since weight doesn't instantly evaporate the moment we eat well and exercise, there's NOTHING to judge! Oftentimes, an overweight person is making MORE healthy choices than a thin person - they may be about to gain weight by their habits but be completely unaware until it suddenly starts happening.... Life is DEFINITELY about our present and future - NOT our past.... What direction are we aiming? We're on the right path!!!!!GREAT POST!!!! Best of all possible wishes to you!!!!!


I love this post!
eating disorders and bipolar disorder
by - 02/17/2016 7:01AM Read More ›

What would skinny people do?
by - 02/15/2016 2:07AM

I try all the time to come up ways to approach my mindset.  One of them is: "what would skinny peopl... Read More ›

by - 02/14/2016 8:51AM

My little brother has fur and a tail, and isn't that little, but a german shepherd of fifty fit kilo... Read More ›

Hello, my name is Linda, and I'm a chocoholic
by - 02/11/2016 2:54PM

today I hae been clean for four weeks.  No chocolate, cake, dessert....  I just ate som liquorice (?... Read More ›

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Linda R.

My computer hates me! I Write Words in English, and machine tries to translate them to Norwegian when I am not looking. I am NOT dylectic, just a computer neanderthal! And it inserts Capital letters at random!
Weight loss resistance
by - 02/10/2016 4:48PM

Sometimes, when I read other peoples blogs or posts, I get so jealous!!  Working out and eating clea... Read More ›

Volunteering and culture as a substitute for overeating
by - 02/09/2016 4:12PM

I tend to eat when I am bored, tired or lonely, and I guess I am not the only one.  I am slightly di... Read More ›

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