My name is Rebekah and I'm addicted to diet bet.  LOL!!

I love getting on here and seeing everyone working out and involved in their weight loss plans.  It's so great that we have this community to help each other out through plateau's, procrastination, and old habits trying to creep their way back in.

I guess it's not a terribly bad could be worse.  lol!  I'm not only constantly on diet bet, but I'm also always logging into My Fitness Pal and entering all my stats and food diary logs there.  Working out has become such a routine now that I don't even have to think about it.  I know what days are my workout days, and I get it in; regardless of whether I'm "in the mood" or not.  Eating better is easier since I just feel sluggish and gross if I make bad food choices.

So I just had to say....Thanks for going along on this journey with me.  There will be trips and stumbles along the way, but the end results are going to be so worth every day of the struggle.  After all....this is a lifestyle change, not a diet.  I will never go on another diet again. 

I hope you are all doing well in your weight loss efforts.

Cheers to us!