I recently read a post that made me take pause and think about that person's feelings and about my journey. For this reason I felt the need to write a very brief overview how my path brought me to dietbet.

In August of last year (2014) my life should have ended, I truly felt like I was dead. On August 5th I was in a motorcycle accident. I had been on a motorcycle for the majority of my life. That day was not unlike any other, I was on my bike commuting to work and not wearing my helmet (stupid, if you ride cover your dome!). Out of nowhere a Landscaping truck ended up right in front of me. I tried to move into the space between the Trailer and the curb to come to a stop. However, when hitting the brakes and moving over I hit gravel, lost traction, and the wheel buckled. I went down going about 45 mph, my head hit the curb 2 inches down from the angle (which saved my life). That is the last thing I remember before coming to conciousness in a Hospital's Trauma Unit three cities away.

I woke up to excruciating pain and I remember at times over the following weeks I wished I had just died in that accident because of the pain. Until one day my son came to me and said "Dad, I am glad you are ok. I know you don't like us crying, but, I cried for a whole day because you were hurt. Please don't be mad at me for crying." Tears immediately filled my eyes as I realised that I had 4 kids that I love dearly that very nearly lost their Dad in an instant. As I pondered on that I came to another very depressing conclusion, the path I am on now will end in the same result though slower. I told myself when I can walk again I will change that.

I began your typical workout as hard as you can process. Watching and reading everything I could on weightloss and fitness. Most everything I tried did not work, I felt like my desire to fix myself was useless because nothing worked. I was trying everyone's diet and still no weight was lost. I worked out for hours a day and still no movement on the scale.

I was still so anxious from my accident that I couldn't get behind the wheel of a car let alone back on a bike. So I got a Metro pass and for the first time in my life became a Mass Transit commuter. Which added some walking to my days.

Then one day there was a documentary (Hungry for Change) Amy was watching on Netflix, I didn't pay much attention to it because for the most part it focused on her Raw Vegan lifestyle. However, there was one line that I heard that stuck with me and forever changed my life: "Just add in the good stuff! Eventually it's going to crowd out the bad stuff." What this little line from David Wolfe did for me was make me realize that I had my mind in the wrong place, it had nothing to do with taking away, and had everything to do with adding in. So I changed the way I looked at eating. Slowly weight started coming off.

Then I somehow stumbled upon Dietbet, and decided from that first day that I would commit to this social life 100%. I would blog and comment about my feelings, and I would reply to others. I would soak everything in. What came next was a shock to me being a life long Weight Lifter I decided to stop pushing weights for a while and just start walking with my wife. Walking became boring so I started adding in little spurts of some jogging. Boy at over 300 lbs that hurt, but I felt so damn good when I was done I just kept doing it. Within days I decided you know what I want to turn myself into a runner, so I just start running. My boys play basketball everyday with the neighbourhood kids in my yard, so I started paying with them. We live in the Phoenix valley with access year round to walking paths and Hiking trails so we started doing that together as a family every Saturday.

The results of all of these very small changes in my life??? Since January 1st I have lost just about 30lbs, I have hit every goal I set, I run everyday, and I purposely get off the bus 3 miles early to add in the extra walking.

6 months ago I was dead. Today I am more alive than I have ever been. All of you, my dietbet friends, have literally saved my life and gave me that little extra bit of motivation to keep playing, keep pushing, keep changing, keep hitting the goals, and to keep living.

My name is Travis and I am fat. I am here to heal myself!