I have a foot injury that needs surgery. In order for that to be as successful as possible, I need to lose weight. My general health is also suffering.

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Favorite Health Food: Steamed vegetables

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Activities with friends/family

My Approach to Weight Loss: MFP and Fitbit

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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When you have an addiction, but still need it to survive....
by - 12/03/2014 10:19AM

I binge at last night. I felt hunger pains, I panicked, and I ate. I was out of calories, and I basi... Read More ›

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Leeann N.

Have you tried cutting sugar, or carbs? Ever since I got pregnant with my firstborn, I cope with low blood sugar or hunger pains really badly. I have found that cutting sugar out and carbs back literally take those impulses away. It is the strangest thing.

Jeannie K.

I so admire your strength to share your story!! As a binge eater myself, your courage inspires me,
Thank you!
When you can't eat your way out.....
by - 12/01/2014 11:32AM

What do you do? But that's what I've been doing. So now what? This is why DB is working for me. Beca... Read More ›

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Marsha M.


Kristen B.

Me! We can do this!!!!
The dreaded vacation on DB
by - 11/24/2014 2:58PM

Oh man. Not only did I go on vacation, and was gone away from the comfort of being in charge of all ... Read More ›

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Absolutely FABULOUS!!! I'm so impressed!

Kristen B.

I want to be like you!!! We leave the 1st weekend of December for a few days and Im NERVOUS!!! I will have to say NO a lot!
My injured wing - how to cardio with an injured foot?
by - 11/17/2014 10:21AM

Today is day 2 for me, and while I am stoked to be using MFP and fitbit together to know my intake/o... Read More ›

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Sara C.

Are you able to get on a stationary bike? When I tore the tendon running down my ankle / foot my physio consisted of 10 mins on a stationary bike daily. They can normally be picked up for less than 100 used too :)


hi Kara! I broke my leg one year ago and had to have surgery which meant three months of being 100% non-weight bearing on one leg and then very very slowly getting back into even walking and I am still not back to where I was pre-break. I would also wholeheartedly recommend using a stationary bike. Any gym will have them and if you can find one with a reasonable membership price, go for it because being at the gym can help with motivation to go longer and push yourself harder vs. at home. Remember to increase the resistance on the bike so you really get huffing and puffing and sweaty. It is a challenge to burn calories with an injury, but you can do it!