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"I'm too FAT, I can't do that", Say what?
by - 02/14/2016 11:34AM

When I was younger, there were things that I wanted to do, but didn't do them because of some fear. ... Read More ›

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Where has diet bet been all my life!?
by - 09/11/2017 12:35PM

I have never been so motivated or believed that I could get down to my goal weight. Diet bet is like... Read More ›

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Fight or Flight
by - 01/14/2015 2:59PM

I started two dietbets on 12/26-28 knowing what I was in for over the coming week.  Running a nearly... Read More ›

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Healthy in 2016
by - 12/26/2015 7:54PM

Looking forward to getting healthy and watch the pounds go down. Lost the 2nd bet but I won't lose t... Read More ›

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by - 03/10/2018 8:59AM

The first spring break that I have had in 15 years is finally here! I'm heading down to Florida to e... Read More ›

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Intermittent fasting "window"
by - 11/16/2016 2:06PM

Dear All, Im so happy because I have been able to have a very short "window" of eating today. had br... Read More ›

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my journy
by - 12/02/2016 2:10AM

I have spent years and years, infact 20 years (since I was 10) trying to lose weight. This is the be... Read More ›

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Denial will get me nowhere!
by - 09/02/2015 12:56AM

Oh no! Really! Is this possible? Yes Val, after avoiding the scale like death warmed over for months... Read More ›

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Transformer Game Tips
by - 01/01/2018 6:10PM

  Here are a few tips I have picked up from (successfully) finishing up my 1st Transformer Game. 1. ... Read More ›

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Cheating survival...
by - 01/17/2015 2:06PM

I went for fish tacos last week for dinner on my cheat day.  Perhaps not the best choice, but I was ... Read More ›

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Week 1 Down!
by - 11/15/2015 8:56PM

Earlier this week, I almost had to pull out of the competition. My back started hurting to the point... Read More ›

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50 lbs down...
by - 07/27/2017 9:26AM

...165 until I'm a "normal" BMI.  If I can maintain average of a 4% loss each month, I'll reach that... Read More ›

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My body has changed and so must I...
by - 03/31/2016 3:41AM

I won my last two dietbets and then, what did I do? I took off on Easter break and ate whatever I wa... Read More ›

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I better do it every day or I might not make it any day.
by - 11/19/2016 3:42AM

SOOOOOO Happy. I really worked hard, and I have won two of my diet bets, have lost 11lb so far. I ha... Read More ›

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Authentically Me!
by - 07/18/2016 1:18PM

Hi, my name is Kristy and I am a 38 year old mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, leader an... Read More ›

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