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Lets Talk Payouts and Winnings
by - 02/14/2016 1:32PM

If you have been on DietBet a while you may have noticed the way that the website calculates "winnin... Read More ›

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Maintenance- Day 1!
by - 02/10/2016 5:02PM

The day has come and I have to admit, I am overwhelmed.  I have been using dietbet for over a year n... Read More ›

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Kickstart Starts Tomorrow - The Plan
by - 04/25/2017 7:32PM

My first kickstart starts tomorrow; I'm stoked to have the motivation of the "bet" provides.   Here ... Read More ›

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Why not now....!
by - 05/03/2018 8:47PM

I have been procrastinating about doing something to help me with my weight, energy levels and overa... Read More ›

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Week 4... I killed it so hard my DVD player died.
by - 01/29/2017 6:07PM

This week has been great.  I killed all my workouts this week.  I  did 5  a.m. workouts with my 21 d... Read More ›

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Week 5--stalled weightloss but still working hard to reach my goals
by - 02/05/2017 6:12PM

Good bye week 5!!!!  It was an interesting week.  I finished my whole 30 on Tuesday.  I have been st... Read More ›

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New game next week!
by - 02/23/2016 11:51AM

Now that I have reached my goal and transitioned to maintenance I am determined to stay active on Di... Read More ›

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Day 4
by - 01/28/2016 10:33AM

So far so good. I will admit I was tempted last night at Bible study, but I grabbed a whole wheat sa... Read More ›

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Get It!
by - 02/19/2015 8:47AM

Starting off my blog by saying if you try hard you will succeed. I have been trying to drop this exc... Read More ›

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4months til my marine comes home ..time to shred
by - 01/04/2015 10:35PM

having the time pass you by while your husband is deployed can be such a hard and emotional battle i... Read More ›

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Introducing Me
by - 09/09/2016 10:43AM

Hello, I want to start out with a little introduction about me and my journey thus far. I am a lot o... Read More ›

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by - 03/07/2015 11:59PM

Just some random ramblings because I am bored and my husband is stuck at work overnight.  I'm a few ... Read More ›

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Day 1
by - 01/26/2016 7:35PM

Ultimate Foods 21 Day Challenge Day 1 25 January 2016 I just wanted to log my first day of the 21 Da... Read More ›

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One week down. Feeling positive. New socks
by - 01/09/2017 10:34AM

Well I made it through 7 days of the whole 30.  Friday was probably the roughest day.  I was very ti... Read More ›

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Why Not?
by - 04/25/2017 8:33PM

Achievement of any goal starts with the first step.   Read More ›