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Slow and Steady
by - 10/12/2015 11:41AM

I'm about to start my second DietBet: Lead up to Thanksgiving (http://diet.bt/VgLhka) and I wanted t... Read More ›

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Why do I even care?
by - 01/20/2015 8:22PM

The weight wasn't hard to put on! One night out for drinks, another night out for dinner with a girl... Read More ›

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I got married!
by - 09/23/2015 6:30AM

Jason and I got married at the courthouse on Monday!    I've lost about 5 pounds since I started wat... Read More ›

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I want to cross my legs again
by - 10/21/2015 11:02AM

Ever had those moments that stick out like a photograph etched in your mind? The first time you lear... Read More ›

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One Week Down! A Lifetime to Go!
by - 01/09/2015 7:41AM

Good morning peeps! Today is my long day- I've been up since before the sun came out of hiding. I di... Read More ›

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The Start
by - 01/20/2015 4:04PM

So at the age of 25 and repeatedly losing 30 and gaining 50 my whole life I find myself at nearly 30... Read More ›

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My First Ever Dietbet!!!!!!!
by - 12/26/2015 7:26PM

I'm very excited to be starting the new year with a dietbet, featuring Chris and Heidi as the hosts.... Read More ›

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First Blog! :-)
by - 11/27/2016 10:19PM

Hi everyone! My name is Tayla and I'm from Rhode Island. Here is a recent picture of me with some ad... Read More ›

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Twenty Five Pounds.
by - 01/16/2015 5:39AM

  Wow, today is a milestone day.    Today I've lost 25 pounds.    On the one hand, since it has been... Read More ›

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Newbie Here!
by - 10/23/2017 11:45AM

Hi Everyone, So today is my first day of Dietbet! I actually discovered it through a health/fitness ... Read More ›

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Day 6: Body Combat, bad shoes! >:(
by - 03/03/2015 6:08AM

Body Combat was an hour this morning at 5:30am. It kicked my butt because I have terrible shoes that... Read More ›

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Real food vs Fake food
by - 01/09/2015 5:56AM

I think I have solved my own weight loss dilemma. My biggest struggle is in eating well. I tend to e... Read More ›

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by - 04/16/2015 3:39PM

The hardest part of losing weight for me is definitely the food control part.  Since I could walk I ... Read More ›

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It's all a Matter of Perspective
by - 07/04/2016 9:46AM

     My 19 year old daughter said something quite telling this morning and didn't even relize it. Sh... Read More ›

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by - 03/02/2018 1:05PM

I am FINALLY doing something.  I've finally taken a step in the right direction.  Right?  At least I... Read More ›

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